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Mac 60p AVCHD Converter | Panasonic X920 60p AVCHD to iMovie

Summary: This post is mainly talking about how to convert 60p AVCHD (*.mts) files from Panasonic X920 to QuickTime MOV format with Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) for use in Apple iMovie. iMovie refused reading AVCHD 60p files from Panasonic X920 “Hey, guys, I’m strictly an amateur hobbyist hoping to make […]

How to import Panasonic AG-HPX300/370 P2 MXF to iMovie/FCE?

Summary: Encountered issues while importing Panasonic AG-HPX300/370 P2 MXF recordings to iMovie/FCE for further editing? If so, you may wish to read this post. It displays a workaround to make Panasonic AG-HPX300/370 P2 MXF footage full compatible with iMovie/FCE. I needed a program to convert Panasonic AG-HPX300 P2 MXF footage […]