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How can I retrieve contacts from BlackBerry Priv?

Lost contacts on BlackBerry Priv accidentally? No worry, this tutorial presents a workaround to retrieve contacts from Priv. Issues regarding to BlackBerry Priv contacts lost “Hey, guys, I have all my other contacts on my BlackBerry Priv but for some reason I lost all my SIM contacts. Anyone else have […]

Canon EOS 80D and FCP X workflow

If you experience any issues editing Canon EOS 80D 60p MOV/MP4 video in FCP X, you may wish to read this post. It guides you through the process of converting 80D 60p MOV/MP4 files to ProRes codec for use in FCP X smoothly without a glitch. The Canon EOS 80D […]

Canon EOS 80D and iMovie workflow

Run into issues working with Canon EOS 80D MOV/MP4 video in iMovie? No worry, this post will help you out. It presents a workaround to transcode Canon 80D MOV/MP4 files to Apple InterMediate Codec for use in iMovie beautifully. iMovie won’t import .mp4 files taken with Canon EOS 80D “Hello, […]