How to convert H.265/HEVC to MPEG for DVD burning?

If you are intending to burn H.265/HEVC video files to a DVD, you may wish to read this post. It presents a way to convert H.265/HEVC files to MPEG-2 for DVD burning.
burn H.265/HEVC video files to a DVD
How can I burn Samsung NX1 H.265/HEVC files to a DVD?
“Hi guys, I need your help! I have recorded a bundle of video files with my new Samsung NX1 camera. These files are H.265/HEVC encoded MP4 video, which I want to burn to a standard DVD. I believed that if I want to burn NX1 H.265/HEVC footage to a DVD, I should convert them to MPEG-2 previously, and this is what I did in the past for burning a playable DVD. The thing is that I really don’t have much experience with H.265/HEVC files, so I have no idea about which program should I use to convert my NX1 recordings to MPEG-2 for DVD burning with quality loss as less as possible. I have tried a number of video converter programs and none worked as I expected. Does anyone have any recommendation? Don’t know how I’d do my work without such a converter. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot in advance.”

Yes, it’s right to convert NX1 H.265/HEVC files to MPEG-2 for burning a DVD. To process NX1 H.265/HEVC to DVD Conversion, the H.265/HEVC Converter would be worth a try. You can select a Windows or Mac version to try depending on your computer’s OS.

Here’s what you need

H.265/HEVC Converter

convert H.265/HEVC files to MPEG-2 for DVDburn NX1 H.265/HEVC footage to a DVD

[Guide] How to convert H.265/HEVC files to MPEG-2 for DVD burning?

The steps:

Step 1: Start up H.265/HEVC Converter. Click ‘Import’ to load your source files.

Step 2: Form ‘Profile’ list, choose ‘MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)’ as output format under ‘Common Video’ column.

Step 3: If necessary, you can click ‘Settings’ button to modify video and audio settings like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel.

Step 4 Click ‘Start’ to begin H.265/HEVC to MPEG-2 conversion. Once the conversion is done, you can click ‘Open Folder’ icon to get the generated MPEG-2 files for DVD burning.

That’s it. Hope this helps.

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