Get Movie Maker to work with Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D)

Will Windows Movie Maker recognize Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) footage? If you are interested in this question, you may read this post to find out an answer. It introduces the best way to make Windows Movie Maker work with Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) video files.

So you have waited for quite a long time for the release of Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D)? If you are planning to purchase a Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) camera as soon as it hits the shelves, you may want to know if Windows Movie Maker on your Windows PC will accept Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) footage, so that you can create home video from your meaningful moments recorded on it.

Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) records footage in MP4 format, while Windows Movie Maker only works with certain formats, such as .WMV, .ASF, .MPG (MPEG-1), .AVI (DV-AVI), .WMA, .WAV, and .MP3, and  importing of MOV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MIDI, AIFF, and AAC is not supported even if the necessary DirectShow decoders are installed. In that case, you will need to convert Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) MP4 footage to an intermediate codec like WMV before editing. To do format conversion, we would recommend our HD Video Converter, which works great as a Canon EOS/Rebel Video Converter.

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canon eos 750d converter

How to get Windows Movie Maker to work with Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D)?

As we mentioned above, to be able to edit Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) MP4 footage in Windows Movie Maker, you will need to convert the footage to WMV before editing. To do format conversion, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Run HD Video Converter as a professional Canon 750D/760D Video Converter. Once the main interface comes up, click ‘Add File’ to import your camera media.
convert t6i video to wmv

Step 2: Select output format for Windows Movie Maker
From ‘Profile’ list, choose ‘General Video’ > ‘WMV – Windows Media Video (*.wmv)’ as target format or choose ‘HD Video’ > ‘HD WMV Video (*.wmv)’ as output format.
Important: If you’ve loaded a number of video clips to do batch conversion, please do remember ticking off ‘Apply to All’ option before you start.
transcode 750d mov to wmv

Step 3: Start Canon MOV to WMV conversion
When ready, click ‘Convert’ button to start transcoding Canon Rebel T6s/T6i (760D/750D) footage to WMV for Window Movie Maker.

As soon as the conversion is complete, click ‘Open Folder’ button to get the generated WMV files for editing with Windows Movie Maker.

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