How to convert DVR-MS for playing on Mac?

If you intend to play DVR-MS files on a Mac, you will need to do format conversion. This post explains how to use third party tools to rewrap DVR-MS video to QuickTime MOV or MP4 for playing on Mac without glitches.

Is it possible to play DVR-MS video files on Mac?
”Hi, there, is it possible to view DVR-MS video files on Mac? I would like to know an answer to this question. I have loads of recordings in .dvr-ms format made with Windows Media Center. Since I’m using an Apple iMac, I have problems to play recordings saved in the DVR-MS format. Is there any way I can play/convert a DVR-MS file on my Mac?”
dvr-ms to mac
Yes, there is. By using a third party converter tool like HD Video Converter for Mac, you are able to convert DVR-MS to MOV/MP4 for playback on a Mac. Actually, DVR-MS is not a very common format outside of Windows Media Center, that’s why there are third party converter tools existing to perform DVR-MS format conversion on Mac.

How to convert DVR-MS to MOV/MP4 on Mac for playing?

To be able to play DVR-MS files on Mac, you can convert DVR-MS to MOV/MP4 or other formats that your Mac media player will accept using HD Video Converter for Mac.

Download a free trial of HD Video Converter for Mac (it also has a Windows version)
DVR-MS Video Converter for MacDVR-MS Video Converter

The steps:
1. Start up HD Video Converter for Mac as a professional DVR-MS Video Converter for Mac. When its main interface pops up, click ‘Add File’ to load your DVR-MS files to it.
DVR-MS to QuickTime/MP4 Conversion on Mac

2. From ‘Profile’ menu, choose MOV or MP4 as output format for your Mac media player.
convert dvr-ms wtv files on mac
3. If necessary, you can click ‘Settings’ button to adjust video and audio settings

4. When ready, click ‘Convert’ to start DVR-MS to QuickTime/MP4 Conversion on Mac.

5. Click ‘Open Folder’ button to get the resulted MOV/MP4 files for playing on Mac.

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