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How to transfer XAVC for Mac FCP 7?

Run into issues transferring XAVC footage for Mac FCP 7? No worry, this post explains a workaround to transcode XAVC .mxf files to ProRes codec for ingesting into FCP 7 flawlessly. Final Cut 7 refuses import XAVC files “Hi, I’m trying to import XAVC .mxf files from a Sony F5 […]

How to play HEVC videos with Windows 8.1?

Experiencing incompatibility issues playing HEVC videos with Windows 8.1? This post will give you some hints. It walks you through how to convert HEVC files for playing on Windows 8.1 with very good quality. HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265, will possibly take the place of H.264 […]

How to play HEVC MKV files on PC?

Came upon issues playing HEVC MKV files on PC? If so, this post may shed you some light. It displays a workaround to play HEVC MKV file in PC flawlessly. How can I watch 4K HEVC MKV files on PC with VLC smoothly? “Hi all, I’m working with an ASUS […]