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Issues playing HEVC (H.265) on a Panasonic TV

Came upon issues playing HEVC files on a Panasonic TV? This post displays a workaround to transcode HEVC/H.265 media for playing back on Panasonic TVs beautifully. How can I get X265/HEVC video to playback on my Panasonic TV? “Hi, I’m having problems playing back x265 HEVC files on my Panasonic […]

How to play HEVC video on Samsung TV?

Run into troubles playing HEVC videos on a Samsung TV? If so, you may wish to read this post. It walks you through how to get Samsung TV playing HEVC/H.265 files smoothly. Issues playing HEVC/x254 videos on my Samsung Smart TV “Hey guys, I’m really enjoying my Samsung Smart TV […]