How to play Blu-rays on Mac via Apple Blu-ray Player?

If you are in search of a way to play Blu-ray movies on Apple computer, you may wish to read this post. It walks you through how to use third party Apple Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc movies on Apple machine.
play Blu-ray movies on Apple
Apple is shunning the concept of optical drive and this indicates that there are clearly no chances of Blu-ray support for Mac in the future. If you can’t stick a Blu-ray or DVD in your new Apple computer, you might download the film from iTunes instead. More money for Apple’s coffers, but not so great if you have a large collection of Blu-rays/DVDs.

For those who still want to watch Blu-ray movies on Apple, a third party Blu-ray Player for Apple may shed you some light. Learn a quick guide on how to play Blu-rays on Apple computer via using a third party Blu-ray Player for Apple.

How to play Blu-rays on Mac via Apple Blu-ray Player?

1. An external Blu-ray drive
2. The best Mac Blu-ray Player
Apple Blu-ray player
Important: An external Blu-ray drive is required for reading a Bu-ray disc and  a virtual BD drive is required for playing Blu-ray ISO files.

You start up the Apple Blu-ray Player app, connect the external BD drive to your Mac with a Blu-ray disc inserted, and then you can click ‘Open Disc’ to enjoy the movie. You can also click ‘Open File’ to play a Blu-ray folder or an ISO file stored on your hard disk drive.
play Blu-ray disc movies on Apple

With the Blu-ray movie loaded, you can use the main menu, or click around the Mac Blu-ray Player’s embedded navigation panel to select chapters to view, enable your audio track, choose subtitles stream, and switch up your viewing mode on the fly.
Blu-ray Player for Apple

The Mac Blu-ray Player supports Dolby Digital True HD 5.1 and DTS 5.1 surround sound, so you can connect your Apple machine to a set of surround-sound speakers to experience the ultimate audio quality.

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