Best Mac Screen Recorder

If you want to record whatever happening on your Mac screen, you will need a screen recorder for Mac. With the best Mac Screen Recorder, you can easily record mac screen, game play process, video meetings and online streaming videos, audio and more on your Mac.
best Mac Screen Recorder
The best Screen Recorder for Mac
You’ll want the best screen capture or screen recording software for your Mac to ensure that it meets your needs. Let’s take a look at the key features of the best Screen Recorder for Mac.

Key Feature of the best Screen Recorder for Mac

  • Ability to set your recording region – The best the best screen capture software for Mac allows you to decide which part of your screen will be recorded. You can select full screen or use your mouse to select and record a certain region.
  • High resolution video – This is a feature that sets this screen recorder apart from its competitors. The videos that you create using this tool will be clear, and enjoyable to watch.
  • Recording from several sources – Whether you are recording streaming video or your webcam, you can easily set this tool for each. Streaming sites do not allow you to download their videos, so you can record the player and get the video for future watching. When you are chatting with someone using your webcam, you can easily record them. Lastly, you can record all functions happening on your screen; ideal for tutorials and video game demos.
  • Record streaming audio – If you are a fan of online radio stations, you can now record your favorite programs using the best Mac Screen Recorder. This tool allows you to record the streaming audio and save it to your computer.
  • Record any video – You can record any format’s video on your computer, even 4K videos. And the recorded video will be saved as MP4 format. For audio, it will be saved as M4A audio. For image, it will be saved as PNG.

How to record Mac screen using the best Mac Screen Recorder?

First of all, download the best screen recorder for mac (It also has a Windows version which goes with the same operating steps.)
best screen capture software for Macbest screen capture software for Mac

Then follow these steps:
Step 1: Install Screen Recorder for Mac
With the download button above, you can easily download, install this powerful Mac screen recording software on your Mac. Run it to start capturing screen on your Mac.
best Mac Screen Recorder

Step 2: Recording Area Selection
Click the third button to set the recording area. You can record full screen, a fixed region or a custom region as you like. Choose the recording feature (click the webcam-alike icon) in the main interface if you want.

Step 3: Set Audio Settings
Click the microphone-alike button and set the audio settings for built-in microphone, or built-in input.

Step 4: Record Your Mac Screen
Click the “REC” button and start to record your Mac screen. After that, you can preview the project.
best Mac Screen Recorder
With the best Mac screen capture app, you can handily save any activity on your Mac. This all-featured screen recorder also provides a Windows version. So you can also use it to capture videos on Windows computer if you have the need.

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