XAVC S and Avid workflow

Importing Sony AX53 XAVC S to Avid MC

How do you guys work with Sony FDR-AX53 XAVC S footage in Avid Media Composer? It’s a known fact that Avid doesn’t have native support for XAVC S files. You need workarounds to make it possible. In this tutorial, we guide you through the process of converting Sony FDR-AX53 XAVC […]

How can I import Sony a9 XAVC-S to Avid MC?

Does Sony a9 XAVC-S work natively in Avid Media Composer or with an AMA Plug-in? If not, is there any possibility to edit a9 XAVC-S footage in Avid? If you are having troubles importing Sony a9 XAVC-S video to Avid, you are in the right place. This post explains how […]