How to import Sony F55/F5 XAVC footage to Sony Vegas?

If you are looking for a solution to import Sony F55/F5 XAVC footage to Sony Vegas for smooth editing, you may wish to read this post. This post explains how to convert Sony F55/F5 MXF files to h.264 MOV for use in Vegas fluently.

Needed to convert Sony F55 Footage into h.264 for editing in Vegas
“We had a Israel film crew shoot an interview for us, and they used a Sony F55 instead of the Red Scarlet or Epic we asked for. They’re part of a corporate film for an international client, and it consist of interviews and documentary shots of a number of people around the world. It will mostly go online and be used in presentations, but we’re going the high-end way in post production with Sony Vegas. To be able to use Sony F55 footage in Sony Vegas fluently, we needed a software that would enable us to convert F55 XAVC MXF files to h.264 codec. Does anyone know a converter program that could do what we need? Hoping for your help. Thanks a lot.”

sony f55 f5

Well, to be able to transcode F55 XAVC MXF files to h.264 codec for working with Sony Vegas, you can try out HD Video Converter for Mac. It works well as a Sony XAVC Video Converter and seems rather fast and reliable.

Download a demo of HD Video Converter
Sony XAVC to H.264 Video ConverterSony XAVC MXF to Sony Vegas Conversion

How to convert Sony F55/F5 XAVC MXF files to Sony Vegas?

Follow these steps:
Step 1: Run HD Video Converter as a Sony XAVC to H.264 Video Converter, and click ‘Add File’ to load source files into it.

Step 2: Choose H.264 MOV as output format for Vegas
Move to ‘Profile’ list, choose ‘MOV (AVC) (*.mov)’ as target format for Vegas under ‘Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas’ option.
mov output for vegas

If necessary, you can click ‘Settings’ button to custom video and audio settings like frame rate, bit rate, resolution, sample rate, audio channels and so on.

Step 3: Start Sony XAVC MXF to Sony Vegas Conversion
When ready, click ‘Convert’ button to start encoding Sony F55/F5 XAVC MXF files to H.264 codec for use in Sony Vegas smoothly. As soon as the conversion is complete, click ‘Open’ button to get the generated H.264 files for editing in Vegas with optimum performance.

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