HTC Vive VR converter-create 3D video for HTC Vive

Wanna get the most vivid VR experience via HTC Vive? If you wish to get more video to playback on your HTC Vive in 3D effect, it is necessary to get an HTC Vive VR Video Converter. Read this post to learn a way of how to create 3D video for HTC Vive.
play 3d videos on HTV Vive
How to convert normal videos to 3D VR files for HTC Vive?

“Hi all, I’ve been wondering if there is some solution for creating 3D videos for watching on the Vive? Is there a recommended tool for this? Any ideas? Thanks.”

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. This headset is committed to create an immersive environment that allow users to walk and look around in the simulated world, manipulate objects and interact with precision, communicate and experience immersive environments by using motion tracked handheld controllers. Every HTC Vive unit include a Vive headset unit, two controllers, two base stations, a link box to connect the headset with your PC, USB cables, power cables and other accessories. With these accessories, you are able to get the most vivid VR experience via HTC Vive.

If you wish to create 3D files for playing on HTC Vive, you will need an HTC Vive 3D VR Converter. HD Video Converter is such a tool. It allows you to convert any ordinary video to virtual reality format with 3D effect. Let’s see the detailed conversion process.

How to create 3D files for HTC Vive?

Here’s what you need
HD Video Converter
create 3D movies for HTC Viveconvert videos for HTC Vive in 3D

The steps:
Step 1: Start up HD Video Converter as the best HTC Vive 3D VR converter. When its main interface pops up, click ‘Add File’ button to import your source files.
convert videos for HTC Vive in 3D
Useful tips:
1. This Converter supports batch conversion, so you can load multiple video files to it for conversion at a time.
2. By ticking off ‘Merge into one file’ option, you can combine the selected clips into a single file.

Step 2: Select MP4 or MKV as output format for HTC Vive
There are a few of 3D options for user to choose from. You are suggested to select ‘MP4 Side by Side 3D Video (*.mp4)’ or ‘MKV Side by Side 3D Video (*.mkv)’as output format under ‘3D Video’ column.
convert videos to HTC Vive supported 3D MKV/MP4

Step 3: Custom video and audio settings
If necessary, you can click ‘Settings’ button and go to ‘Profiles Settings’ panel to modify video and audio settings like video encoder, resolution, video bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio encoder, sample rate, audio bit rate, and audio channels.
HTC Vive 3D converter
Note: We recommend using 1280×720 HD resolution to encode your videos. Higher resolutions will not provide any better quality, meaning you’ll waste space and processing power.

Step 4: Start video to 3D MP4/MKV Conversion for HTC Vive
When ready, click ‘Convert’ to start format conversion. As soon as the conversion is complete, you can click ‘Open Folder’ button to get the exported 3D files for watching with HTC Vive. Nothing could be simpler or more immediate.

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