GoPro Quik cannot open Hero 6 240 fps HEVC footage

Unable to open GoPro Hero 6 240 fps HEVC footage in Quik? If so, you may wish to read this post. It explains a workaround to transcode Hero 6 240 fps HEVC media to H.264 for use in Quik or the discontinued GoPro Studio flawlessly.
GoPro Quik cannot open Hero 6 240 fps HEVC
GoPro Quik can’t edit/import Hero 6 240 fps HEVC files
“So I just switched to a new Hero 6 Black. When I try to edit the footage on my Windows PC, neither the Quik windows desktop app nor GoPro Studio will import the HEVC 240 fps video files from the Hero 6. Has anyone else run into this? Is there anything I can do to solve the issue? If you know of any free editing software, I would love to hear about it, or if anyone knows if GoPro is working on it, or updating GoPro Studio etc. Thank you for your help.”

To be able to use Hero 6 240 fps HEVC files in Quik or GoPro Studio smoothly, you’d better transcode them to H.264 first. This required a helpful HEVC H.265 Converter app. Check a quick guide on how to do this step by step.

How to convert Hero 6 240 fps HEVC files for use in Quik or GoPro Studio?

Here’s what you need
HD Video Converter (it works well as a GoPro HEVC H.265 converter, please download the proper version depending on your computer’s OS)
convert GoPro Hero 6 200fps HEVC (H.265) for Quikconvert GoPro Hero 6 200fps HEVC (H.265) for Quik

The steps:
Step 1: Start up HD Video Converter as the best GoPro Hero 6 HEVC converter. When its main interface pops up, click ‘Add File’ button to import your source files.
convert GoPro Hero 6 200fps HEVC (H.265) for Quik

Step 2: Select output format
This converter features a number of output formats, you can select your requrested one as target format. To convert Hero 6 HEVC files to H.264 MP4, you can choose ‘HD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video (*.mp4)’ as target format under ‘HD Video’ column.
convert GoPro Hero 6 200fps HEVC (H.265) to H.264 MP4
Useful tips:
1. This converter supports batch conversion, so you can load multiple files to it for conversion at a time.
2. By ticking off ‘Merge into one file’ option, you can combine the selected video clips into a single file.

Step 3: Custom video and audio settings (Optional)
Click ‘Settings’ button and go to ‘Profile Settings’ window to custom video and audio settings if necessary.

Step 4: Start transcoding GoPro Hero 6 24 FPS HEVC files
When ready, click ‘Convert’ to start format conversion. As soon as the conversion is complete, you can click ‘Open Folder’ button to get the generated MP4 files for editing or playing with very good quality. Nothing could be simpler or more immediate.

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