Top 10 free games for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

With the more affordable WiFi versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1 hitting shelves on May 1st, 2014, users no longer have to hesitate at the high-end Galaxy Note Pro or Galaxy Tab Pro if they want a modern Samsung slate. With pretty good graphics performance, gameplay on Galaxy Tab 4 is smooth and realistic. Go to check the top 10 free games list for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

No. 1 Death Rally (click to download)
The story of Death Rally Free is a little confusing. All you really need to know is that you tried to escape from the police and were caught, then were forced to take part in Death Rally. While the story may be lacking in Death Rally Free, the gameplay of the game is more than enough to make up for it.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 2 Millionaire City (click to download)
Are you a SimCity fan? If you are, you’ll enjoy Millionaire City, a city-building simulation game for your Android.

Millionaire City sees you under direction from Mr. Ronald Goldtooth, charged with growing a small city into a big metropolis. As you play Millionaire City, Mr. Goldtooth will give you advice and tips. You start with a handful of roads and houses, and must add more residences, shops, facilities and transport in order to keep it growing.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 3 Bunny Shooter (click to download)
Bunny Shooter is an addictive casual game in which you must spear the pesky carrot-stealing rabbits with your bow and arrow. The gameplay and the overall look of Bunny Shooter have more than a hint of Angry Birds about them. But this is no bad thing, and playing Bunny Shooter proves to be highly addictive.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 4 Coin Dozer (click to download)
Coin Dozer is an arcade game that brings the old time coin drop game to mobile devices. The gameplay of Coin Dozer is simple. You drop coins down the chute and try to push other coins into the bucket. These collected coins can be used to replenish your coin supply and help push bigger prizes. It is a repetitive system that is fun at first, but can get frustrating.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 5 Bejeweled 2 (click to download)
The gameplay hasn’t really changed other than adding more modes like Classic and Action mode. Bejeweled 2 also adds bigger animations and colors to the experience. The purpose of Bejeweled 2 is to match at least three identical shapes to remove them from the board and gain points. With more modes in Bejeweled 2, it adds to the replayability and addictive nature of the game.

If you enjoyed the first Bejeweled, then you will probably enjoy the updated experience that exists with Bejeweled 2.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 6 OnLive (click to download)
OnLive is a streaming cloud gaming service. The streaming client-based service is primarily through PC and Mac, but OnLive has also released an Android app supporting a similar feature set for mobile gaming. OnLive still connects to the cloud service and allows you to play a variety of games.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No.7 Wordament (click to download)
Wordament is an enjoyable word game in which your objective is to make as many words as you can from the letters on the grid. You need to make words from a 4×4 grid of letters by connecting adjoining letters. Simply hold and drag your finger over the letters to make the word. You can go horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and providing letters are touching, make connections in as many directions as you like. Letters in Wordament are assigned values from 1-10, so using ‘harder’ letters will score better.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 8 Clumsy Ninja (click to download)
Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to train a ninja? Even if you haven’t, Clumsy Ninja is worth a try. It puts you in charge of the training of a hapless martial arts wannabe, and there’s plenty of hilarity to be had.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 9 Subway Surfers (click to download)
Subway Surfers is a Temple Run-style game where you have to escape from a railway inspector angry with you for spraying graffiti over the station.

The objective of Subway Surfers is very simple. You automatically dart up the screen along the train tracks, and must avoid all the obstacles in your path, such as trains, buffers and carts.
top galaxy tab 4 games

No. 10 God of Light (click to download)
God of Light is a beautiful and relaxing physics game in which you must light up the Universe using your powers of logic.

The idea of God of Light is pretty straightforward. The game stars a glowing beam of light with a face (known as Joey), and you need to somehow direct this light at an object known as a ‘Source of Life’. In each level you need to find the unique way to manipulate the beam of light towards the target.
top galaxy tab 4 games

Useful Tips:
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