Top AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/Windows

What’s the best AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/Windows? If you are looking for a converter app to transcode Panasonic AVC-ULTRA video to whatever format you request, you may wish to read this post. It introduces an easy-to-use and helpful transcoder to do what you want.

What is AVC-ULTRA?
AVC-ULTRA is a unified family of codecs that seamlessly work together to meet all your pro video encoding needs. The first family of advanced video coding for today and tomorrow, the AVC-ULTRA codec family is fully compliant with the H.264/AVC standard. From mastering to streaming, with AVC-ULTRA, the image quality and bit rate can be selected to match your application.
best AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/Windows
AVC-ULTRA was developed to provide video pros who work in image creation with the following three core benefits:
1. Significantly reduced operational costs in the image creation workflow
2. Network-based image acquisition and production, by removing the traditional constraints of time and location
3. A flexible suite of codec options to provide unparalleled image creation options

AVC-ULTRA provides these enhancements by means of a unified codec scheme, which makes it possible to establish optimal workflows in image production for all applications. The main codecs in AVC-ULTRA include AVC-PROXY, AVC-LongG, AVC-Intra Class100, AVC-Intra Class50, AVC-Intra Class200, AVC Class4:4:4 and AVC-ULTRA 4K.

Why need an AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/Windows?
On some occasions, for a fast and fluid workflow, people need to transcode AVC-ULTRA recordings fit for different NLEs running on a Mac computer or Windows machine. That’s where an AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/PC comes in.

What’s the best AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/Windows?
HD Video Converter is positioned as one of the best AVC-ULTRA video converter s. It features powerful ability to recognize and handle AVC-ULTRA recordings, being able to convert them to whatever formats you need for editing in various NLEs.

Major features include:
– Convert 4K, 2K, Full HD 1080p/1080i, HD 720p and SD video files in format of AVC-ULTRA, AVCHD, MTS, M2T, M2TS, TS, MXF, MKV, H.264, P2 MXF, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, M4V, etc. to any formats you request.

– Also support transcoding Sony’s XAVC 4K/2K/HD and XAVC S 4K/2K/HD files as well as XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX and Canon’s XF-AVC footage to your required file types.

– Create optimized files for viewing on iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPad, and itouch), Android smartphones/tablets (Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, etc.), HDTVs, HD players, and more.

– Support Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC), DVCPRO, HDV, DV and QuickTime Movie Format encoding for working with NLEs beautifully.

– Re-encode 4K, 2K, HD and SD videos to optimal formats for editing programs like iMovie, Final Cut Express, FCP 6/7, FCP X, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, DaVinci Resolve, Windows Movie Maker, After Effects, Edius, Magix Edit Pro, etc.

– Edit videos by using functions like clip, crop, add watermark, custom video effect, merge, enable 3D settings, etc.

Download a free demo of the top AVC-ULTRA video converter (for both Mac and PC)
transcode Panasonic AVC-ULTRA videotranscode AVC-ULTRA recordings fit for different NLEs

The steps to convert AVC-ULTRA video files on a Mac or a Windows PC
AVC-ULTRA video converter for Mac/PC

  1. Click ‘Add File’ to import AVC-ULTRA source media.
  2. Click ‘Profile’ menu to choose output format.
  3. If necessary, click ‘Settings’ button to custom video and audio settings.
  4. When ready, click ‘Convert’ to start format conversion.
  5. When conversion is complete, click ‘Open Folder’ to get the converted files.

This AVC-ULTRA video file converter provides a wide variety of file types for users to choose from, ranging from editing formats (like AIC, ProRes, etc.) to playable formats (like MP4, MOV, etc.) optimized for popular devices, so you can convert P2 MXF files to whatever format you need in simple steps with very good quality.
convert AVC-ULTRA video files on a Mac or a Windows PC

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