Convert GoToMeeting WMV to MP4/MOV for playing on PC or Mac

Summary: This post talks about two things. One is how to install GoToMeeting codec so that you can play GoToMeeting WMV recording freely, and the other is how to convert GoToMeeting WMV to MP4/MOV format for playing on a Windows or Mac computer via using third party converter.

Got a GoToMeeting WMV recording but couldn’t play it on your computer or portable device? There are two ways to solve your problem. One is through installing the GoToMeeting codec, and the other is via transcoding GoToMeeting WMV to a format that is full compatible with your player, like MP4 or MOV.

Solution 1: Install GoToMeeting codec
If you are using a Windows PC, you can download GoToMeeting codec here.
The GoToMeeting codec allows you to watch recorded meetings using Windows Media Player 9 or higher without subscribing to GoToMeeting.

If you are using a Mac, download the Windows Media Components to view recorded meetings.

Solution 2: Convert GoToMeeting WMV recording to MP4 or MOV format
GoToMeeting uses its own codec by default to record its contents. Even though its recording is in WMV format, it has conflict codec issues with mostly used media players and portable devices. To be able to open and play GoToMeeting WMV video easily and directly, you can choose to transcode it to a common format that is suitable for playing, such as MP4 and MOV.

Download a demo of GoToMeeting WMV Video Converter
GoToMeeting WMV Video Converter for MacGoToMeeting WMV Video Converter

How to convert GoToMeeting WMV to MP4/MOV for playing on PC or Mac

The steps:
Step 1: Install and run GoToMeeting WMV Video Converter. Click ‘Add Video’ button to import GoToMeeting recordings to it.
transcoding GoToMeeting WMV

Step 2: Select output format
1) If you want to play GoToMeeting WMV footage in QuickTime player, you can click on the dropdown menu of ‘Format’ and select ‘Common Video -> MOV – QuickTime (*.mov)’ as target format.
convert gotomeeting wmv to mov

You can also hit “Format” drop-down list and choose “HD Video> H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” as the most widely used format for playback with your media player.

2) If you would like to view GoToMeeting WMV video files on an Apple iPad, iPhone or other smartphones and tablets with proper file size and image quality, you can also pick a format that is optimized for your device in the format menu.

3) If you want to edit GoToMeeting WMV media in Apple iMovie, FCE, or FCP, you can select AIC .mov or Apple ProRes 422 .mov as output format from ‘iMovie/Final Cut Express’ or ‘Final Cut Pro’ column in the format list.

Step 3: Custom video and audio settings (optional)
Generally speaking, the default settings will ensure you a good balance between file size and image quality. But you can still click ‘Settings’ button to modify video and audio settings like codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channels in your own way.
convert gotomeeting wmv to mp4

Step 4: Start GoToMeeting WMV to MOV/MP4 conversion
When ready, click ‘Convert’ button to begin format conversion. As soon as the conversion is complete, you can click ‘Open’ button to get the generated files that are ready for playing and editing.

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